Three Salutes of the Week, 10/14/12

by Doktor Z

Every week, I have been recognizing 3 bloggers from the Jackets blogosphere that have captured my imagination with their respective blogs and felt they deserved a salute.  So, here are my 3 salutes of the week for 10/8/12 through 10/14/12.

1st salute

Blog sitePuckrakers

Blog writerAaron Portzline

Blog titleOhio Hockey…Beyond The NHL

Doktor Z’s comments – What a terrific guide to hockey in Ohio for the addicts of the game!  This is about as complete as it gets in terms of your hockey options consisting of AHL, ECHL, FHL, USHL and College teams spread across the Buckeye state.  If that isn’t enough then check out another blog post by AP on the EASports version of NHL hockey that Puckrakers is simulating as are others around the hockey universe.  Virtual hockey, eh?

2nd salute

Blog siteThe Cannon

Blog writerMike MacLean

Blog titleLockout Adopt-a-Team: Alaska Aces

Doktor Z’s comments – Mike makes an interesting case for why we should consider adopting the Alaska Aces as our team pro tem until the NHL is back even though Alaska is a good juant away.  The Jackets AHL affiliate, Springfield Falcons, obviously have to be our team pro tem and perhaps Alaska and others can be secondary teams to follow?

3rd salute

Blog sitePuck Daddy

Blog writerGreg Wyshynski

Blog titleIs John Davidson On Track To Take Over Blue Jackets?

Doktor Z’s comments – So, how could we not have a John Davidson related blog in our top 3 salutes of the week, right?  Many bloggers have written about the possibility of Davidson signing on with the Jackets and all probably deserve a salute.  Nonetheless, Greg Wyshynski’s blog actually helps us look at this situation from a national perspective spiced with commentary from some top local bloggers.  Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch has kept us up to date on the whole John Davidson situation and will undoubtedly be the first one to break the story should the Jackets hire him.  Matt Wagner of The Cannon offers a tempered perspective on Davidson landing in Columbus and the risks involved.  And, ofcourse, Greg Wyshynski states how the team does not need another Nash but rather someone with the right skillset at the top of hockey operations who could bring about consistent success.

Honorable mention

Blog siteDark Blue Jacket

Blog writerGallos

Blog titleLooking Back To Look Forward

Doktor Z’s comments – In case you were looking for additional arguments on why the Jackets should hire John Davidson then look no further.  Gallos has you covered!  Like the precision of a prosecuting attorney, Gallos leaves virtually no stones unturned in his series of posts on why this would be right move for the team and Davidson.

Blog siteThe Cannon

Blog writerMatt Wagner

Blog titleThe Tsar Report – 10/11

Doktor Z’s comments – Matt is continuing to do his public service for Jackets fans by keeping us abreast of what the lads are doing in the KHL.  Thank you, Mr. Wagner!

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