Jacketology 101–I WANT MY HOCKEY! 9/22/12, vol.6

By Doktor Z

Jacketology 101 is a collection of free-form thoughts, ideas and reflections on the Columbus Blue Jackets and the NHL embodied in an acronym.  Jacketology 101 is brought to you by the Jackets Peanut Gallery. 

This version of Jacketology 101 is based on an acronym-sentence, “I WANT MY HOCKEY”, in light of the fact that the NHL and the NHLPA continue to be in a stalemate over the collective bargaining agreement.

  1. I – I am livid that the owners and players have not been able to work out an agreement so that we can drop the puck and get on with what really matters in life; hockey, of course!   I want my hockey, darn it!
  2. W – When will the lockout end?  October? November? Never?
  3. AAaron Portzline, the Cannon and DBJ are keeping the torch lit for us while there is no hockey!  Thank you, boys!  Keep that daily puck fix coming for those of us that are miserably hooked on the Blue Jackets!
  4. N – Nearest place to see live pro-hockey from the corner of Nationwide and Front would be the Cincinnati Cyclones or the Lake Erie Monsters.  If you were thinking Dayton Gems then think again as they folded earlier this year.
  5. T – The Buckeyes puck team is the closest of any kind of hockey action and may be worth a visit.  Wear your Jackets outfits if you go so that we can tell how many of us are there that would ordinarily be downtown at Nationwide Arena watching Jack Johnson and company.
  6. M – Maybe this is a really stupid idea but what if some of the minor-league affiliates played in NHL cities?  In other words, what if the Springfield Falcons played a few games here at Nationwide?  Dude, I am talking excitement, now!  How fun would it be watching Cam Atkinson and the young Jackets in action while things get sorted out with the CBA?  Can AHL players get on the ice in NHL arenas during the lockout?
  7. Y – You don’t appreciate what you have until it’s taken away from you.  So, we may have the 30th placed team here in Columbus but it is better than not having anything as is the case currently.
  8. H – How did you like the letter from Mike Priest, President of the Columbus Blue Jackets regarding the lockout?  Based on what I could tell, fans were over-the-top irate with him.  While I am not exactly ready to nominate Mike Priest for the Pulitzer Prize, I have to submit that he did a reasonable job in trying to appease the Jackets fan-base.  What more did you want him to do?  Give everybody free beers?  Maybe the venom at him and the front office can be saved for more legitimate purposes.
  9. O – Older players like Vinny Prospal might have played their last game if this entire season is cancelled.  He appears to be close to the midnight hour of his playing career.  It would be a shame to not see him play again as he was one of several positives that occurred for the Jackets last season.
  10. C – Can’t believe some of the front-office employees of a few teams have been let go due to the lockout.  This is when I start to get really mad at the gluttonous owners and players when ordinary folks lose their livelihood over lockout shenanigans.
  11. KKHL stands to be a major benefactor with the NHL’s lockout.  It has certainly helped broaden my hockey universe and forced me to learn a bit more about the KHL and its cadre of teams.  Ordinarily, I would probably have given the KHL a cursory look and that would be about it.  But now, I am about to become a KHL junkie if things don’t hasten with the resolution of the NHL’s lockout.
  12. E – Europe beckons NHL players looking to keep in shape and game condition.  Not that it matters, but looks like Rick Nash is headed across the pond.  Do we care about him anymore?  Well, not until he retires and returns to the Jackets organization in some capacity which I think will likely happen.  Until then, he is just like any other opposition player.  Can you see Jack Johnson or James Wisniewski delivering a thunderous hit on Nash the first time they play each other?
  13. Y – Yes, the Jackets first pre-season game would have been held this coming Monday, September 24, against Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins.  But thanks to the millionaires and billionaires negotiating over the CBA, there will be no NHL hockey!  Street hockey, anyone?

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