Columbus Blue Jackets: Jacketology 101 – CANNONFEST, 8/20/12, vol.4

By Doktor Z

Jacketology 101 is an exclusive feature of the Jackets Peanut Gallery that is published on a frequent basis. It is a collection of free-form thoughts, ideas and reflections on the Columbus Blue Jackets embodied in an acronym. Don’t be surprised to see a sprinkling of miscellaneous items that are of general interest to Peanutheads. Who are Peanutheads? It’s a moniker that came into being by accident for those of you that have become fans of our work. As you may have guessed, it’s in the spirit of “Parrotheads” (fans of Jimmy Buffett) although that is about it with similarities.

This version of Jacketology 101 is based on an acronym derived from the name of a Columbus Blue Jackets fans celebration event called the CannonFest.

  1. C – CannonFest, a celebration of hockey solidarity in Columbus was held yesterday at a bar and restaurant saturated with the most ardent Jackets fans.
  2. A – A tip of the hat to the principal organizers consisting of bloggers Matt Wagner of The Cannon, Tom Felrath of The Dark Blue Jacket and Greg May of Full Mental Jackets.  When was the last time you heard of bloggers and fan groups organizing their own celebration?
  3. N – No party is complete without a DJ, right?  Well, guess what?  There was a DJ in the house belting out tunes in between the numerous raffle drawings and silent auction items awarded.
  4. N – No need to watch old re-runs at home when you’ve got heart-thumping videos of Jackets action.  Thanks to Tom Larrow, “the Steven Spielberg of Jackets Nation”, who did a masterful job at producing and editing them.
  5. O – Oh, can you hear “Columbus ‘til we die?”  Arch City Army, a raucous fan group with its own section at Nationwide Arena, made its presence known.
  6. N – Now, you can’t travel to an away Jackets game and not be with the Jackets Backers, another well-organized and robust fan group that was present at the CannonFest.
  7. FFood at this Buffalo Wild Wings  in Grandview left you wanting more especially the mouth-watering chicken wings.  And, of course, there were plenty of icy cold adult beverages flowing freely.  Customer-service was top notch!
  8. E – Extraordinary solidarity shown by the Jackets fans as they have not had much to cheer for but yet found it in themselves to show up for this event.  Imagine that!  Last place finish; losing the NHL draft lottery’s much coveted number 1 spot; the eagerly anticipated arrival of Jeff Carter goes up in smoke with his fleeing to Los Angeles; Rick Nash, face of the franchise, is traded; and now the All-Star Game that is supposed to be coming to Columbus in January is in jeopardy due to a stalemate with the collective bargaining agreement negotiations.  Hockey Buddha! Can you please give this team a break?
  9. S – So, the next time, it would behoove the organizers to invite some of the naysayers who continually think the Jackets should be moved to Quebec or elsewhere.  Not many would take up the offer but even if one came, they would leave pleasantly surprised with the impressive show of force by the Jackets faithful.  This event can only get bigger and better!  How about outdoors at a larger venue next time?  Maybe some street hockey?
  10. T – The hockey season couldn’t get started soon enough for die-hard Jackets fans who have long suffered through one miserable season after another.  But they have to be unique in that they had a mid-summer celebration just because they could.  Still doubt Columbus as a hockey market?  Take that and share it with our hockey brethren in Toronto, Detroit, Vancouver, and Boston.  Tell them that we will defend Columbus ‘til we die!  Here, here to the Jackets Nation!

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