Jacketology 101 – H.O.C.K.E.Y. – 8/8/12, vol. 1

“Jacketology 101” is an exclusive feature of the Jackets Peanut Gallery that will be published on a frequent basis.  It is a collection of free-form thoughts, ideas and reflections on the Columbus Blue Jackets and life in general, embodied in an acronym.  Contributors include Doktor Z, Jammin’ Joe, Hogs, and Professor.

  1. H – Hell in the NHL could be defined as being in the basement of the league with little hope for redemption.  Based on that premise, Columbus is the epicenter of hell.  Is there a Messiah in sight to lead us to the promised land?  Who might that be?  Jack Johnson a.k.a. Captain America?
  2. O – Oh, man….if the Jackets could land Bobby Ryan and Jonathan Bernier, the fans “excitement meter” would surely go careening off the high end, eh?
  3. C – Columbus has a heck of hockey fan-base that outsiders just can’t ever seem to acknowledge.  Why?  Granted, C-bus isn’t exactly Toronto or Chicago when it comes to hockey mania but it isn’t Biloxi or Amarillo, either!
  4. K – Knowing what Scott Howson knows now about Steve Mason, would he have ever offered the sweetheart contract to Mase a few years ago?  He needs to get to the root cause of his decision back then so he doesn’t royally flub again!
  5. E – Edmonton has to feel pretty damn lucky to have “snatched” the number 1 draft pick this year to add to their previous bounty of number 1 draft picks in the 2 previous years.  Jackets on the other hand have to be the unluckiest team!  Quick, everyone pray to the hockey gods to turn around the Jackets fortunes.  Even the proverbial “Law of Averages” has freaking disappeared on the Jackets.  Damn it!
  6. Y – Yakupov could have added a dimension of excitement in Columbus that Ryan Murray just cannot.  No offense to Murray but Yakupov has star power and personality to go with it.  Oh, well!

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