Columbus Blue Jackets: Ontario sympathetic toward Jackets fans

By Doktor Z

I am on a family vacation in the Niagara Falls region of Ontario, Canada.  What an awesome place!  I was intending to stay as far away from my “regular world” consisting of my job and hockey.  But as you can tell, I couldn’t.

Junior, the Lady, and I have been wearing our Blue Jackets shirts and have run into some interesting characters here.  This is Canada!  This is hockey country!  So, you can’t go anywhere without running into hockey stuff.  The Lady reminded me that we are on a schedule so I’ll sum up my discussion briefly by sharing with you 3 visits we’ve had with the locals.

Bill the lawncare guy

Bill wanted to know more about Columbus and if we truly had hockey fans or just a rich guy that bought the team and put it there.  You know I was licking my chops when that question was spawned upon me.  I spent about 10 minutes and took him through the “Arena District 101″ course followed by the early years of the franchise when we played to packed houses.  I topped it off with game 4 versus Detroit at Nationwide which was a coming out party for Columbus hockey fans.  He was stunned!  As we shook hands and parted company, he muttered something about how hard it must be to be a fan of a team that had no direction.  Ouch!  But how true!

Habib the restaurant owner

He immediately recognized the Blue Jackes logo (primary logo) and exclaimed if I was from Columbus.  He seemed to know a little about our fair city and knew that the it was growing by leaps and bounds while Cleveland and Cincinnati stagnated.  Habib thought that Rick Nash was overvalued and thats why the Jackets were having a hardtime unloading him.  Now, here is the kicker!  He said that he was going to throw in the dessert for naught with our dinner because he felt sorry for us.  He wished we had a better team to support like the Penguins or Red Wings that were much better run.  Ouch!

Mrs. Chester the laundry operator

Mrs. Chester asked if the Buckeyes were going to field a decent football team this year.  Wanted to know if Jim Tressel was genuinely a nice guy or a crook?  Did he steal?  Ahem!

The Blue Jackets were almost an afterthought with her.  She said that we needed more Canadians on the team and then we would be just fine.  Mrs. Chester thought  we ought to stick to baseball, basketball and football.  Ouch!

Tonight, dinner will be at Don Cherry’s Grill.  Woo-hoo!

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