The Silence is Deafening

by professor ggrib

Although this is the proverbial quiet time in the NHL and the Blue Jackets year, in every year I can remember there was a thread of concern that kept coming up on a regular basis. Mostly it has always been “where will the goals come from?” Going way back, it might be “who can center Nash?” Many many years it has centered around goaltending.  Oh, and also many times it was something like “hang Scott Howson”.  Again and again we could hear wailing and  gnashing to teeth.  But this year…….NOTHING!!!

Well, at least almost nothing. Yea, we hear a bit… C Mac isn’t a NHL quality back up goaltender.  Or and rightfully so, “we’re going to miss MacKenzie.  And [at least in my case] Will the new improved Joey be back with us? But there is no consistent drumbeat going out through the Blue Jacket universe as a call to arms. Even after long time fan favorite R J Umburger was traded. There is no fire alarm.

Why? Is it that Jacket fans are happy with a playoff appearance and a 15th place finish. Emphatically I say.. “Hell No!” The Blue Jacket fans have tasted blood. And they are hungry for more. The city as a whole had a taste of playoff hockey and loved it, they want more. You can call Ohio with Columbus being the center of it, Buckeyeland. And we are. We live and breath Buckeyes. But we also live and breath winning and playoffs and as a Buckeye fan, we expect success. We don’t know exactly how, but we believe that every year the Buckeyes will be winners. This phenomenon is now happening to the Blue Jackets We expect to win and be winners.

The biggest difference I feel is that now, “We Believe”. There is a confidence that the CBJ are on the right track. It’s above most fans comprehension of know what a Scott Harnell and a Nathan Horton, and a Ryan Johansen can accomplish when healthy and playing to their potential. The new phenoms like Boone & Murrey and… and…..So many potential upsides and possibilities.  But under it all there is a bottom line belief that the Blue Jackets are winners.

If John Davidson chose to sell snake, oil, you wouldn’t be able to bottle it fast enough. If he were to promote a ponzi scheme it would sell. And he has chosen to not only promote the Columbus Blue Jackets, he has backed it with logical steps[called bricks] and performances as he has created a believable team. His attention to media detail is masterful, promoting prospects, trades, activities and the city of Columbus. But much more important, he has promoted success by letting us follow our dreams and seeing the building of a team that will compete in the NHL.

So this summer, the rants and raves are silent. The anticipation is growing that the Columbus Blue Jackets will continue to emerge from their cocoon. The silence that we hear this summer is deafening.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup












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