Tick—-another “day” gone toward next season

By professor ggrib

Probable first draft pick Conner McDavid appears about to enter the land of the missing #1 picks, Edmonton. But if you recall there was once a hockey player named Wayne…..somebody..oh….Gretzky  who put Edmonton on his back and took them to the top of the heap and kept them there. I have no idea if McDavid is that same kind of guy. Edmonton critics seem to feel if he does,  it will be in spite of management that he is able to do that. Or of course, his agent could quietly say to Edmonton trade his rights to Buffalo, he won’t sign with you and enter a whole new controversy.  But in any case, Columbus and their 6% chance can just move on.

Is it time for training camp to start yet?

The grim reaper continues to move through the NHL coaching ranks. It would appear Todd Richards has a “get out of jail free” card that is good until at least next Christmas. [[ Or if he happens to bring an extra player home from the worlds with him, like a Mike Riley.]]   He [and the Jackets ] need a decent start next season. If not, well, if not, beware, slow starts are getting to be an old story.

I can’t help thinking if the AHL affiliate was not changing, Springfield might have gotten a bit more help from the Blue Jackets rather than too little too late. Injuries did run deep this year….. Two of the Falcon’s players we are counting on for the future ended the season on the DL and have been for some time. Kirby Rychel{F} and Anton Forsberg{G}.  Forsberg’s injury probably cost the Falcons the playoffs.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup







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