Jackets Outplay Redwings – win 3-1

by Professor ggrib

I’ve always wanted to write the above headline, so there it is. And yes, I know the SOG and the faceoff stats. I also know the game beyond the stats. In this game, it just felt like the Jackets were in control shortly after the Detroit PP goal. The ice tilted a bit and it felt good.

While wins over the red winged devils are actually not that rare [not like they used to be] it still gives GREAT pleasure in punching their ticket. Detroit and Mike Babcock are  formidable opponents and a win should be savored.

The “kid line” continues to impress. Dano and Wennberg are all over the ice. And look at Scott Hartnell, the old man, is on fire.  I don’t think there is a spot on the ice where Dano won’t shoot, and Wennberg is catching the shot fever and putting a lot more rubber toward the goal. Both will probably go to Springfield for the Falcons playoff run. Maybe they will be paired with Ryan Craig the “old man” of the Falcons to make a new Kid line. [See how easy it is to coach from a thousand miles away]

If Boone Jenner can get back in the near future, it would be fun to see what the team looks like. It seems to me that Dano plays a lot like Jenner but with more speed and recklessness [and of course a lot smaller body]

Of course, I’d love to get a better draft choice, but I sure do love to win with a good solid game.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup

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