Calm-Cool- and then –WIN


by professor ggrib

Friday nite’s game was a game where the Jackets put on their collective “big boy pants” and gave the fans a hell of a show. I’m guessing some of those attending did not know or understand the Blue Jackets were playing the last 2 periods with only 4 defensemen. It would take a serious hockey fan to know that. The radio & TV provided this information almost on a continual basis.


And then came, the turtle mode. With care, and deliberation, the Jackets became a lot more defensively responsible.  They drew in, like a turtle draws into it’s shell. Trying to shelter their D med and goaltender, they just seemed to be a little more sure they were doing, what they could to provide to a defensive umbrella. And as a team, that is what they did.

To the players, they downplayed the additional time on ice situation.  True Jack Johnson has played 30 minutes before. But playing quite so many minutes was new ground to Sevard, Murrey, and Connauton. The thing was, it was also the 2nd night of back to back games. No matter what they say, their body has to have felt that.

I’m not sure the players need more bonding experience. After all, loosing 8 games in a row has to have them putting their heads into the same bomb shelter. But, there were 2 newbies in Anderson and Rychel. And they did their part.

As a fan, I sat there waiting as the clock slowly, I say SLOWLY ground it’s way to the end of the game. mentally cheering Johansen’s long reach and Atkinsen, Karlsson and Clavert’s speed as they offensively defended. [others too]

And then there was BOB–BOB–BOB!!! Calm,and poised. My racing heart rested a bit after every save.

Huge sports weekend for Columbus. the CBJ did their part, opening the weekend, now it’s OSU’s turn. And then Sunday afternoon they hand off to the Jackets again. Go Columbus!!!

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup

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