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by professor ggrib

Injury woes are not new the the CBJ and particularly not new this year. There is no need to recount the injury list. Sufficient to say there is a pretty good hockey team currently on the Jacket IR roster. Maybe even better than the one that’s on the ice. But, no need feeling sorry for ourselves, the schedule marches on and thus……the season continues.

Two of the remaining players concern me. Jack Johnson is playing like the Jack Johnson that was spurned by the Olympic selection committee. Following that spurn and a period of sulking, Jack played like the Jack MF Johnson we all love. This year, not so much. Right now, the team needs veteran leaders. Time for Jack to step up and be a pillar of strength and example for the team.

Fedor Tyutin also has been very silent. Is it because of the “D” switching? Don’t know but I sure would like to hear his name a lot more in the participation.

My choice for recalls from Springfield: Brian Gibbons and Ryan Craig. This is based on their experience and their skill.

A big concern is that although Curtis McElhinny played well as a stand in for Bobrovsky last year it was with a cohesive team in front of him. With a bandaged group of players guarding him, I am seriously concerned.

With the wheels off the wagon, let’s hope the guys can carry it for a bit until things can begin to roll. It’s early. There is time as evidenced by the Blue Jacket record last year going into January. But it will certainly not be a season for the faint of heart.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup

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