A World Upside Down

by Professor ggrib

Go figure, in a hockey world where annually a Blue Jacket concern is “who is going to score”, the Blue Jackets duo of Joey and Nick lead the league in points. This after Johnsen sits out the entire preseason.

Go figure, The Blue Jackets are again the youngest team in the NHL. This year again–yes really–again

Go figure, The two rookies from last year who made the team are both out with injuries and have been replaced by 2 or 3 other rookies….. This from a team who historically “spoiled” their new talent by rushing them to the NHL. [Dano not starting and Chaput is/is not a rookie]

Go figure, Last summer’s prize acquisition Hartnell has yet to score a goal.

Go figure, Last year’s poster boy for injuries Nathan Horton, is again out with injuries and they could be career threatening.

Go figure, The apparent insider to leadership/captainship, Brandon Dubinski,  is out with injury and there is no panic in Blue Jacketville.

And yes, there are flaws, but with the world upside down……. well things are not so bad.

However stay tuned after the 3 game swing into the West. Upside down worlds are a bit unstable. Commander Richards has all he can do to keep the ship upright until the light at the end of the tunnel is shown to be the end and not an onrushing train. The Jackets need a killer instinct like Dubinski and perhaps Jenner bring. Two of the losses are evidence of that.

Veteran leaders need to bring it!

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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