Finally—There is Joy in Mudville

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by professor ggrib

Well, boys and girls, if you don’t catch the reference in the heading, it’s because the schools no longer teach a poem called, “Casey at the Bat. Catch the link if you don’t know the poem.

After that, fans, we saw one hell of an effort by the Blue Jackets–well both teams actually. Having dug themselves into a huge hole in the first period, it was a looooong way back. Three plus periods, not a quick fix, but steady progress. But they did it. For over 3 periods the Jackets outplayed the Pens, and finally won. This was a game that should be and probably will be remembered forever in BJ history. This series and maybe this game insured the NHL goal of establishing “local”rivalries worked.

Having our blue collar, gut checking team perform like this on national TV….priceless. Gone will be the “0 for ___” comments in the Jackets playoff experience from network commentators. The Jackets showed they can win against the “big boys”. Obviously it’s a stretch as it took 2 OT periods. They are babies in the playoff world. Last nite they found their wings enough to get to the first branch. Can they reach another?

It’s unfair to give out 3 stars. There should be a dozen. There were several turning points. There were so many players stepping up it’s like a “none left behind” theme.  Was it a team effort?  … How often do you see the goaltender piling on the celebration in the center of the ice?

Turning Points? Joey’s PP goal to show we were there… Calvert’s SH goal to show we were hanging around and getting close.. Bob… shutting out the Pens for 63 minutes after giving up 3 . …….Joey’s pass to JJ to tie the game up, J Johnson and Dubinski all over the ice all nite long. Too many turning points to count.

To the Nation, it’s an upset… a “shock”  etc… to the Jackets fans, it’s Blue Jacket Hockey. Brick by Brick, blue collar players…Blue Jacket Hockey.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup


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