Force Feed-Accolades; Force Feed-Accolades

by professor ggrib

How to grow a goalie, by The CBJ. or maybe The Complete Idiots Guide to Growing a Goaltender, by The CBJ. Either would be appropriate on how not to nurture a young goaltender and prepare him for a great NHL career. BUT, that’s what is going on this year. And the results are exciting the fans.

Starting the year, the Jackets had 2 young goaltenders in Cleveland this year to gain professional experience in the American way way of hockey. In Columbus, Sergei Bobrovsky was to be the mainstay goaltender with Curtis McKlhinney as a back up with a 2 year contract. Pretty obviously, a 2 year plan was in place to develop the young goaltenders and the one who emerged as the better would be moved up to the NHL level.

Not to worry, the Blue Jackets have a capable back up goaltender who can sustain life with just a little back up from a Cleveland Monster. And then…then

Then “WHAM, BAM, thank you mam the best laid plans of the Blue Jacket organization went out the door. McKlhinney goes down to an injury sustained untouched by human hands. Is it just “Blue Jacket Luck-AGAIN, is it poor conditioning, is is poor evaluation/diagnosis by the medical staff? All to be determined. But again the CBJ are in trouble due to injury.

To top it off, McKlhinney goes down in the middle of OVERTIME in a tight game. So enter a 21 year old named Joonas Korpisalo {{Korpi}}. [Hollywood screen writers pay attention here] Stepping into this dire situation, the calm young man holds down the fort, and the Jackets eventually win in a shoot out.

Since that time, the Jackets have been riding this young horse. This is obviously not the best way to develope a young goaltender, throw him to the wolves and see if he can survive.  He’s had a number of “learning moments” and he’s learned. He’s gotten confidence. The team has gotten confidence in him. It will be interesting where this goes for the remainder of the year, but for now, he’s the Blue Jackets #1 goaltender.

Soon Mcklhinney will be back soon [probably this weekend] Forsberg will return to Cleveland. Will Bob be back this year? Maybe, but if so, VERY late. The Jackets most probably will not make the playoffs. It is very possible the Monsters will. Will Korpi go back to Cleveland for the playoffs if all the above happens? A very good question? Stay tuned! Will Mcklhinney be traded? Another interesting question.

For now, enjoy the development of this young player!


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